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To be #successful in #business as an entrepreneur you must provide, “Customer Service”

“#CustomerService is an a ATTITUDE not a department”

The success of all businesses depends on the successful relationships with others. You can have the best product or service but if you don’t practice customer service, it will be a waste.

With increased market competition, customers have choices. They want quality, value and an experience to remember.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos believes in creating value for his customers. He therefore works with a customer driven mind-set and is far ahead of his competition in the marketplace.

Implement the following tips on customer care to live closer to the excellent tick box of customer service:

1) Know your customer, put yourself in their shoes and understand their needs,
2) Go the extra mile for them and compromise on what you want out of the deal sometimes
3) Listen to them, their concerns and suggestions is crucial for future business,
4) Be friendly and stay in contact via social media, networking events, etc
5) Care for them, show that you really care because, “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care”

Wishing you successful FOCUS on “Customer Service”

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