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To be #successful in #business you must: “BE A PLAYER not a SPECTATOR”

Last week I attended the launch of the 2018 Business Partners & Sanlam EOY competition. I was fortunate to be seated at the same table of the 2017 National Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) winner, Willem van der Merwe of Africa Biomass Company.

We could speak about various things but it was his speech to the audience that captivated the attention of everybody and is so valuable for all entrepreneurs, summarized as follow:

Entrepreneurs are a Players, never be a spectator.

Have you ever noticed that the spectators in sport know everything and they never actually in the game. They love you when you win and don’t support you when you loose.

When you are a player in a team sport you require the following:
  • Quality Team Members
  • Quality Team Work
  • Quality Decisions

Last night I watched how Manchester United FC lost to Sevilla FC in the EUFA Champions League. I wondered what happened after them beating their Liverpool FC club rivals over the weekend. They have quality Team members, they play well together but the decisions made last night was not good enough to win.

In sport the game is played at a phenomenal pace and are limited with the time to make quality decisions. Quality decisions require quality Info in the shortest possible time. Entrepreneurs don’t have much time and time is the commodity we all have the same of. Time is the most important commodity and it’s Grace from our maker. What are we doing with our time was the question posed to all of us.

Let’s decide to PLAY to win with Quality Team Members, Team Work & Decisions and reach that medal podium of success in entrepreneurship.

Wishing you much success in the week ahead fellow player and check back next week!!!

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