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To be #successful in #business you must, Learn to not over complicate things but do the things that comes naturally.

In the movie “Forest Gump” there is some valuable business lessons we as entrepreneurs can learn. I will focus on some of these over the next few weeks.

Part 4: “When I got tired, I slept. When I got hungry, I ate. When I had to go, you know, I went” #ForrestGump

Forest said that whilst he was on his running adventure, which started for no particular reason from one ocean to the other, he did what came naturally to him. When he was tired he slept, when he was hungry, he ate. When he had to go, you know … he went.

I often say to those I know, “When I eat, I eat. When I sleep, I sleep. When I drink, I drink. When I work, I work … and the list goes on. The point is we can only be focused on certain things at certain times and therefore we might as well do it to the best of our ability, when we are ready to do so when the situation presents itself.

Sometimes we as entrepreneurs and people are too focused on what the other person are doing, eating, drinking and wearing that we forget to actually do the things that come naturally to us. When we are ready to do it and not conform to the norms and prescriptions of the world around us. Who said that you must have breakfast in the morning, why not have your breakfast at night??? If that comes naturally to you then do it!!! Forrest Gump in the movie always did the things that came naturally to him and did not overcomplicate things.

When we as entrepreneurs understand doing the things that comes naturally to us we will also know and understand our limits, skills, expertise and what we love.  The things that do not come naturally to us we will then allocate to those individuals to whom it does come naturally. Entrepreneurs understand the optimization of resources for future economical value. When we understand this we also acknowledge the universal concept of there is a time and place for everything and the world has enough of it for everybody.

To position ourselves for the future we must know that, “The future belongs to those that believe in it” and when you believe in something you do what comes naturally and work on achieving that goal by focusing on it at each and every opportunity that’s afforded to you.

All the best with doing the best with what comes naturally to you!!!

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