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To be #successful in #business as an entrepreneur you must, “Develop your own #PersonalBrand

Part 2 on developing your personal brand include: “What’s It It For THEM”

We hear this “audience first” (THEM) a lot, but need to be reminded over and over again. Considering our audience should be our top priority.

Forget what you want and rather what your audience want is what #MichaelHyatt often speak about in his podcast, “This is your life”.
“Forget me, what’s important to my audience and why should they care? The most popular radio station on earth is #WIIFM – What’s in it for me? So as soon as you can tune into that, everything changes.”

This mindset shift is a huge part of what transformed his business. He talks about how he use to blog more for himself, as a kind of therapy – he was “the centre of his blogging universe” as he puts it. But in 2008, he went through a shift where he said, “Okay, forget me. What’s important to my audience? Why should they care?” By focusing on how he could add value to his audience, it all changed.

Let’s work on the #WIIFM to add value to our followers, readers and audience lives because remember people don’t buy products and services they buy things that add value to their life by solving their problems.

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