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To be #successful in #business as an entrepreneur you must, “Write your own #success story”

To celebrate the new season we will over the next few weeks focus on tips that can assist entrepreneurs to write their own success stories.

PART 5 – Have #FUN!!!

“The most successful people in business do not just go out to work – they go out to enjoy themselves in their world of business and making money is a dividend to them” #thefunsideofbusiness

I’ve always believed in “Work hard and Play Hard”. The businesses that encourage play are the ones where the best people do their best work.

I think doing business is FUN!!! Business is not just profits. We have work environments that provide intellectual stimulation, occupational opportunities, safe work locations and colleagues that enrich our lives. Of course, not all work relationships are perfect but I would guess that you like some people, and some aspects of your work.

Neglecting fun as a serious part of business actually results in the following as per #Fatt
1) high work stress
2) communication breakdown
3) low morale
4) absenteeism
5) high labor turnover
6) poor productivity
7) and low quality of service and products

Utilize the following steps to have fun in your business:
– Acknowledge milestones and achievements
– Have meetings that people look forward too
– Make social media fun and a social gain
– Play to win (have competitions)
– Spotlight companies with special cultures
– Get out of the office
– Spend time away from desk together during the day even just for 15 minutes

Life is too short. Make the many hours you put in at work LESS SERIOUS. Look for the positive. Be creative versus routine. After all, you can’t control the economy, but you can control your attitude toward humor, fun and excitement you generate in your organization.

HEY, DOING BUSINESS CAN BE FUN! Don’t just think about it, DO IT!

Wishing you all the best with “Writing your #SUCCESS Story for YOU by having #FUN!!! #smme #entrepreneur #EntrepreneursLife #hustle#HustleEveryday #JustBelieve #branding #business #tax #accounting#finance #Marketing #Bizzpartner #hustleandgrind #psychologyforbusiness

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