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To be #successful in #business you must, Learn to change your entire perception of smart.

In the movie “Forest Gump” there is some valuable business lessons we as entrepreneurs can learn. I will focus on some of these over the next few weeks.

Part 5: “Stupid is as stupid does” #ForrestGump

The shortest quote from the movie but arguably the most memorable especially for us as entrepreneurs. In this simple line, he seems to sum the totality of entrepreneurs’ mishaps and mistakes.

Often during the movie Forest was asked if he is stupid. Once such occasion was when he visited Bubba’s family to tell them about the shrimping business he is starting of which the deceased Bubba is the 50% owner, he kept his word and the family got Bubba’s portion. Bubba’s mom then asked, “Are you crazy or just plain stupid?” Forest replies with the words, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

The urban dictionary classifies the phrase to mean that an intelligent person who does stupid things is still stupid. You are what you do!!! Whilst we understand this we might as well change our entire perception of Smart, Intelligent or Genius. Because in the end the people we call geniuses aren’t the ones with the highest IQ’s; they the people that make the right decisions day in and day out. I know many intelligent and smart people; with very high IQ’s who has not achieved half of their potential because they not making the right decisions on a daily basis … they do STUPID STUFF.

You might have been or will be asked, are you crazy or just plain stupid, when you start a business venture, take risks, spend those late nights & early mornings, sacrifice your holidays or go with your laptop, work for less money than you can actually get in the corporate world, etc. It’s in these moments that you must stand your ground and continue to make sound decisions over and over again.

To position ourselves for the future we must know that, “The future belongs to those that believe in it” and when you believe in something you make the right decisions over and over again because that will bring out the genius in you, because you are powerful beyond measure.

All the best with by answering your critics the next time you get asked if you crazy or stupid with the words, “Stupid is as Stupid does”

Now that’s all I have to say about that!!!


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