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To be #successful in #business as an entrepreneur you must, “Write your own #success story”

To celebrate the new season we will over the next few weeks focus on tips that can assist entrepreneurs to write their own success stories.

PART 3 – Small Changes equals BIG results!!!

#MichaelHyatt writes, “I have always been fascinated by the power of incremental change over time. Most people underestimate this. They think they have to take massive action to achieve anything significant. When I started running, I could barely walk a mile. Then I discovered Jeff Galloway. I started running for one minute and then walking for two. Gradually, I increased my distance and the time I was running. Within a year, I was able to run my first half marathon.”

Most of the things that we want to accomplish in life are not really that difficult when we get to the heart of it, it just comes down to consistently making the decisions and being persistent enough to actually experience the changes little by little.

Sometimes our goals are just so big and we give up before we even start however we should be focusing on achieving the small goals and eventually it will all add up.

Way to often we just stop when the goal is to big… stop trying, stop caring, stop moving. By doing so all we’re doing is sending a message to our body and mind that we’ve given up and that we a quitter. Keep at it whatever it is, stay in motion, one day at a time, one small step at a time and it will add up to BIG results.

Wishing you all the best with “Writing your #SUCCESS Story for YOU by making time to do the small things that will add up to the BIG results for YOU!!!

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