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To be #successful in #business as an entrepreneur you must have a , “SPECIAL FORMULA”

Whilst on a few days break at one of my favorite destinations, I’m reminded why I love this place and come back all the time!!! They make me feel special. From when you enter to each and every detail of the hotel has a wow factor to make you feel special. It’s location is not to far out of Cape Town and it’s a golfers paradise and caters for each and every family member or business professional. Arabella Hotel and Spa truly provide a special experience.

Whilst being here I took a few moments to connect with clients and gave them a small token of appreciation from our company which took nothing more than 1 hour out of my holiday. However this experience will be a moment for them to remember because I made them feel special and did something not everyone will do whilst on holiday.

South Africa has a new President Cyril Ramaphosa, and has introduced morning walking with the people to promote a healthy lifestyle and to get closer to the people on ground level. He makes those ordinary citizens feel special because this is something nobody expected from a sitting president, actually walking with the people. He walks the talk!!!

What’s your special formula in your business to make your clients feel special.

Start with knowing them, thanking them, communicating and staying presentable to them. Be that one that stands out and make them feel special!!!

Wishing you much success with your “Special Formula”

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