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To be #successful in #business you must: “Always Seek Knowledge & New Skills.”

The most learned people never believe that their #knowledge and skills has reached a level where they know it all. Their network consists of mentors and friends with whom they exchange ideas.

Last night a friend guided me on finishing off these #koeksisters in the pic which was awesome. Something I never thought I’ll ever do became a reality and I’ve acquired some new knowledge and skills.

I had to study a few notes from my friend Ruth and just jumped right into it.
#JimRohn said that, “Formal #education will make you a living but self education will make you a #fortune”

Reading books, articles and blogs keeps you updated about all industry trends and makes you an expert in your field. Formal Education is the foundation of your knowledge and you building on it with your self-education. Successful people quench their hunger for acquiring new skills and polish the old ones by reading, attending conferences, events and seminars.
Irrespective of your success, never think that you know everything. Read and explore new ideas and opinions to constantly brush your knowledge.

Wishing you much success in seeking the knowledge and skills that’s key to your #success and making you a #fortune!!!

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